Episode 11

Maximizing Your Worth: A Guide to Charging and Working with High-Value Clients

In this episode of the Soul & Success podcast, we took a deep dive into the critical questions that can help service providers, especially those in marketing, determine if they're ready to work with high-value "whale" clients. These are the three pivotal questions we explored:

  1. How much can you realistically charge today based on your current skill set? It's essential to understand your market value and not just charge based on what you think you're worth. Mastery of your craft and understanding the market rates for your skills are crucial.
  2. How much should a business be making to comfortably afford you at that price tag? You need to ensure that potential clients have the budget not just for your fees but also for the necessary tools, campaigns, and additional team members that might be needed to execute your strategies effectively.
  3. Are you working directly under the founder, the CEO, or a marketing leader? Knowing who you'll report to is vital. Working directly with a founder or CEO can be intense, so you might prefer having a buffer, like a marketing leader, to give you the space to work effectively.

I shared my personal journey from corporate to entrepreneurship and back to corporate on my terms. I emphasized that redefining your corporate career doesn't mean sticking to the traditional 9-to-5 but finding a way to navigate the corporate world while maintaining your autonomy.

The episode also touched on the importance of being honest with yourself about your level of expertise and the value you bring to the table. Whether you're a Facebook Ads Manager, a social media expert, or a copywriter, you need to be a master of your domain to command higher fees and deliver results that impact the bottom line.

Lastly, I introduced my free e-book, "The Marketer's Compass," which further elaborates on these questions and helps women in marketing chart their path to ideal clients.

Remember, understanding your value, ensuring clients can afford you, and knowing who you'll work with are key to successfully engaging with whale clients and redefining your career on your terms.

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As a fractional marketing leader, Emely Roman excels in transforming challenges into success. With a proven track record in the B2B and tech sectors, she's orchestrated strategies that led to a staggering $85million ARR. Today, she spearheads Emely Roman & Co. Here she specializes in empowering women in B2B marketing, steering them towards career-defining wins and propelling their executive brands.

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